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12 Time-Saving Bootstrap Examples

This week on Tutorialzine we’ve prepared for you a list of 12 examples of copy-paste-able code that you can use in your next Bootstrap powered project. We’ve tried to select practical resources that will save you from referencing Bootstrap’s docs and designing trivial components.

To use these examples just grab their HTML (some have a bit of CSS as well), and put them in your project. Enjoy!

A compact login and registration form in a modal. Perfect for “please log in to continue” pop-ups .

Login Form in Modal

A cool structure for showing events chronologically in a clear and understandable way.

Bootstrap Timeline

A well designed elegant layout for a pricing table with icons, buttons and highlighting.

Hosting Pricing Table

Responsive forum topics template that utilities Bootstrap’s classes very well to create this clean layout with only 5 lines of additional CSS selectors.


A well organised resume with separated topics, progress bars and social media buttons.

Simple Resume Template

A small form for online purchase information. Keep in mind, this is only an HTML snippet and there is no card number validation.

Credit Card Form

This snippet features responsive panels with smooth, CSS only, on-hover effects.

Stylish Skills Listing

Compact pricing tables with different color variations that are easy to customize and adapt to your design.

Responsive Pricing Tables

A log in / register form with separate tabs for each and a payment section. No validation provided.

Sign In + Sign Up Form

A compact twitter feed with a form for new posts and a list of tweets.

Twitter Feed

A bootstrap navigation bar example where the logo changes size on window scroll. Although this example uses bootstrap components for the layout, all the actual work is done via JavaScript, so make sure you insert that into your code.

Responsive Parallax Navbar Logo

A nice little cats portfolio demonstrating Bootsrap’s modal functionality.

Simple Portfolio With Modals

This concludes our list!

We hope you’ve found these premade component layouts useful for your projects, as the backbone of a more advanced design, or simply as inspiration. Also, check out our list of 50 Must-have plugins for extending Twitter Bootstrap, if you are interested in adding even more cool features to Bootstrap’s arsenal.

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